At our core we offer customized luxury charters across the globe.  We offer suggestions on locations and curate a trip around your wants, needs, and desires around the globe. With our network of skippers and chefs we get you exploring places you have never dreamed of. We take the time to get to know you and your crew via a one on one interview and we help plan your trip depending on your budget. Tell us, what is it that you truly desire?

“Our Best Lyfe” or “OBL” is our catered group experience, OBL specializes in creating an intimate social group travel experience for the adventurous soul. We keep our groups to 6-7 boats per week, so you aren’t overwhelmed with so many new names and faces. During the week we will offer amazing activities unique to the area hosted by our partnered local vendors. We strive to promote local vendors for native knowledge and to boost the local economy. At OBL we want you to experience your destination as it was intended and what some can only dream about with people who you may call friends for a lifetime. Travel better, travel together.

How We Came To Be

With over a decade of experience our founders have been both staff members and guests to some of the largest flotilla companies in the world. It was with this experience that Nautical Escape and Our Best Lyfe were born. Our founders and staff have experience worldwide and are able to make your trips even better with local knowledge that an internet search won’t provide.

Cookie-cutter holidays have been pushed upon travelers for years, but we pride ourselves on providing a completely unique experience. We knew people wanted the option to customize their trips on a variety of budgets. We have listened and are equipped to bring you an escape you will never forget.

Through our years of experience, we know that leisure time is important and fixed schedules can take away from an organic holiday. Our Best Lyfe’s opened ended schedule allows ample time for our journey so guests will have the opportunity to switch off and fully appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. With Our Best Lyfe, adventure awaits.

Unforgettable Destinations