How is Our Best Lyfe different from Nautical Escape Private?

Our Best Lyfe is our flotilla sailing events (hosting up to 7 yachts) on our select routes. Our focus is on group interaction, delivering hassle free events for guests who are looking at adventure, sailing, exploring, group dinners/events, yacht raft parties, making new friends and more. We aim to make your flotilla sailing experience a smooth one. Our experiences are aimed at people aged in their late-twenties and up.

Nautical Escape Private is a bespoke sailing experience specifically tailored for you or your group at any of our exciting locations.

Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend travel insurance in the event of injury or theft. Please double check with your insurance provider for coverage.

Will I get seasick?

Everybody is different, if you have a tendency for motion sickness, we suggest you visit your local pharmacist who can provide you with suitable medication.

How long do we sail everyday?

Depending on the route, but usually we try to keep it under 4 hours a day, to allow time for additional activities, e.g. snorkeling, swim stops, island exploration.

What is involved in a day of sailing?

At Nautical Escape we will always do our best to cater the experience to our guests’ desires.

A day aboard one of our yachts begins with a delicious breakfast before we set sail to one of many picturesque spots. We then drop anchor for lunch and have a swim and snorkel before sailing to the next island for a chance to head ashore and explore what it has to offer (e.g. local cuisine, shopping, wine tasting, scooter/quad bike hire, hiking, breathtaking views). The evenings offer a chance for guests to let their hair down with a drink, a dance, or just relax under the stars aboard the yacht.

What does a skipper do?

The main responsibilities of the skipper are the safety of his guests and yacht, and to ensure guests have the most unforgettable experience possible! They will provide local recommendations on where to go, what to do, where to eat and will make sure you’ll have the most memorable sailing adventure.

What does a chef/ stew do?

A chef/ stew will take care of all provisioning. Cooking delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners for all dietary requirements. They also wash up and keep the yacht sparkling clean while you put your feet up and enjoy the yacht life.

I have specific dietary requirements, will this be a problem for my chef?

Your chef will be in contact with you a few weeks prior commencement of your charter in order for a menu plan to be created by your chef. Any dietary requirements will be considered so that all guests are able to enjoy a huge range of delicious cuisine.

Will the yacht have Wi-Fi?

Most yachts now do come with Wi-Fi, an optional package is usually now available at a small fee.

Do yachts have power points onboard?

All yachts have power points onboard. (European 2 pin plugs). When moored in a marina, yachts will have power available for charging/using electrical devices. 

If your yacht is equipped with a generator, power will be available at all times.

Please remember to bring your international power socket adapters.

How many people can fit on a yacht?

This all depends on the size of the yacht, but generally we can house 11 people, including the skipper and hostess. It can be quite cosy when a yacht is filled to capacity and may be something to consider when booking.

What should I bring on my sailing holiday?

Travel documents

Drivers license or international drivers license (for scooter and jeep hire for island exploration).

Duffel bag – makes it a lot easier to store onboard as storage for suitcases can be a problem.

Snorkeling gear – usually supplied on yachts, but if you’re a keen snorkeler or scuba diver, you might be more comfortable using your own equipment.

Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen

A waterproof dry bag is always handy

I don’t know how to swim! Can I still go sailing?

Yes. All yachts are equipped with life jackets. Our skippers will make sure of your safety at all times.

Do skipper and chef eat with guests?

Normally, the skipper and chef will eat with guests, unless requested otherwise. However, guest will still be responsible to providing meals to the staff during charter.

How am I able to make payment?

Payments can be made by visa/mastercard and bank transfers directly through our PayPal services.

When do we have to make payment?

Our representatives will invoice you on your purchase and you will be able to pay through our PayPal portal. After you are invoiced you will have 48 hours to make your initial deposit. Full payment for the yacht is not required upon booking unless stated otherwise. All bookings will be payable via our installment payments.

How do payment installments work?

We offer a booking payment plan, which is divided into 3 installments, each installment having a deadline.


First installment. 10% of the booking price within 48 hours.

Second installment.  40% of the booking.

Third installment. 50% of the booking.

What if I miss payment on an installment?

If a Lead Booker was to miss paying an installment, the booking could be subject to cancelation without a refund. There are a number of areas for us to consider when processing a booking (yacht vendors, skippers, chefs, restaurants). It is important for you to follow and keep up to date with your payment plan. If we don’t receive payment as advised by your payment plan, we cannot pass on payments to vendors. 

Nautical Escape will send out friendly payment reminders to ensure we don’t come across such a situation

There are only 4 of us, are we able to book a full yacht?

Absolutely. If you prefer additional space then that choice is yours to make.

You can add or change guests on your yacht as late as the beginning of your charter.  We can also offer up our service on introducing you to potential individuals to help fill your boat.

What is the yacht security deposit?

The yacht security deposit is a security payment made to the yachting company on the day of check in. This deposit will be used in the unlikely event of any damage being caused by guests to the yacht during the charter. If no damage is found when the yacht is returned, the security deposit will be fully refunded by the yachting company. 

The security deposit amount varies depending on each yacht.

The security deposit can be split amongst guests across 2 credit cards

Does the yachting company take my security deposit? When will I get my security deposit back?

Your security deposit is held by the yachting company, If there were to be any damages from your charter, the cost of the damages will be deducted from your security deposit.

Your bank will determine how long it takes for your security deposit to be released back into your account. If it takes any longer than 4 weeks, please get in contact with us so we can follow up with the yachting company.

Will I get a refund if I cancel? What is the cancelation fee?

We offer a free cancelation period within the first 48 hours of bookings.  Any cancelation after this period will incur a cancelation fee. Fees will vary depending on how close your charter departure date is.  

Please see terms on our payment and cancelation policy. For further information

email us at

When does a charter start and finish?

Charters will usually begin on a Saturday and finish on a Saturday. Flexible bookings can be arranged depending on the locations.

What time is check in and check out on Saturdays?

Yachts are usually ready for guests to check in at 17:00 hr on Saturday. An option for an early check in is usually available but comes with an early check in fee. 

Check out is 09:00 am on the following Saturday morning.

What time should I arrive at the marina?

We recommend arriving at least 2 hours before your check in time. There is essential paperwork that you will need to fill out at the marina office before coming aboard and there always seems to be that last minute item you’ll need to visit the shops to buy.

Do we have to start and finish in the same marina?

We recommend arriving at least 2 hours before your check in time. There is essential paperwork that you will need to fill out at the marina office before coming aboard and there always seems to be that last minute item you’ll need to visit the shops to buy.

If a guest isn’t available to arrive on Saturday check in? are they able to join the yacht at a later stage during the week?

Yes, local ferries are usually running from island to island.  Private water taxis/speed boats can also be arranged, although this will be at a premium rate.

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